Just what is "Epic Wars" Edit

Epic Wars is a Free Browser based MMORPG. Epic Wars is a space strategy game where you build your empire, its planets, and take your fleet and destroys those who stand in your way.

About Epic Wars Edit

Set in the future: far past loyal politicians with governments ran by corrupted leaders each empire is ran by a few seleceted leaders. ran by few. 
With the Technological advances in Nanite Technology and Robotics the manufacturing time required to build ships was increased up to 
production rates up 400 time human speeds. The Building and Engineering era for humans is over. The Innovation of using robotics and Nano tech,
the proces of constructing increased from from hours to minutes. With these new manufacturing speeds the universe became much higher paced than
ever before. Faster constructions creating a rising of leaders into great nations with royal sized fleets. With more faster production Great Empires
rose from the shadows of nothing. With great power many leaders became ignorant and started many wars; great clashes of huge fleets in battles
that take up entire Solar Systems became normal as each Empire became more great. This Time period of the universe became known as the Epic Wars.

How did Epic Wars come about? Edit

Epic Wars is a spin off of Ogame with changes mainly to the speed of the gameplay. In addition to the speeds of the game Epic Wars is soon to be hosting special 
Game Modes. The program that powers Epic Wars is Xnova. The Xnova Team is a french group of programmers that coded the program that Epic Wars runs on (thats why
there is french in the game on errors). Epic Wars was founded by Harbar1232. Harbar1232 set up a domain and started to collect players and a community. (more info
will be displayed later) Later with the the crash of the Epic Wars website due to too much server usage Epic Wars was forced to move to a new host. Blazed-Designs 
happened to just take intreast in the Epic Wars website before it crashed. After many E-mails between Harbar1232 and Blazed-D, Blazed-Designs decided to 
host, redesign, and help Epic Wars get running again. Between this time Xnova had released a new update to the program. With the combined forces [[Blazed-d] and 
[Harbar1232] took the French and translated the entire game. Blazed-d redesigned the game's skin. Harbar1232 took care of most the SQL issues.