Shipyard Edit

This is the building that allows your empire to create its fleet and defenses.

Requires to build: Robotics Factory level 2

Ships Edit

Small Cargo Edit

The small cargo is an agile ship which can quickly transport resources to other planets.

Requires: Shipyard (level 2) Combustion Drive (level 2)

Stats Structural Integrity 4.000 Shield Strength 10 Attack Strength 5 Cargo Capacity 5.000 units Base speed 5.000 (10.000) Fuel usage (Deuterium) 20 (40)

Largo Cargo Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 4) Combustion Drive (level 6)

Solar Satellite Edit

Solar satellites are simple platforms of solar cells, located in a high, stationary orbit. They gather sunlight and transmit it to the ground station via laser.

Requires: Shipyard (level 1)

Light Fighter Edit

This is the first fighting ship all emperors will build. The light fighter is an agile ship, but vulnerable by themselves. In mass numbers, they can become a great threat to any empire. They are the first to accompany small and large cargo to hostile planets with minor defenses.

Requires Shipyard (level 1) Combustion Drive (level 1)

Heavy Fighter Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 3) Armour Technology (level 2) Impulse Drive (level 2)

Cruiser Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 5) Impulse Drive (level 4) Ion Technology (level 2)

Battleship Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 7) Hyperspace Drive (level 4)

Colony ship Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 4) Impulse Drive (level 3)

Recycler Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 4) Combustion Drive (level 6) Shielding Technology (level 2)

Espionage Probe Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 3) Combustion Drive (level 3) Espionage Technology (level 2)

Bomber Edit

Requires Impulse Drive (level 6) Shipyard (level 8) Plasma Technology (level 5)

Destroyer Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 9) Hyperspace Drive (level 6) Hyperspace Technology (level 5)

BattleCruiser Edit

Requires Hyperspace Technology (level 5) Laser Technology (level 12) Hyperspace Drive (level 5) Shipyard (level 8)

Death Star Edit

Requires: Shipyard (level 12) Hyperspace Drive (level 7) Hyperspace Technology (level 6) Graviton Technology (level 1)