Getting started

Every empire in Epic Wars needs mines to get started, there is three types of mines:

- Metal mine

Metal is the primary resource used in the foundation of your Empire. At greater depths, the mines can produce more output of viable metal for use in the construction of buildings, ships, defense systems, and research. As the mines drill deeper, more energy is required for maximum production. As metal is the most abundant of all resources available, its value is considered to be the lowest of all resources for trading.

- Crystal mine

Crystals are the main resource used to build electronic circuits for computers and other electronic circuits and form certain alloy compounds for shields. Compared to the metal production process, the processing of raw crystalline structures into industrial crystals requires special processing. As such, more energy is required to process the raw crystal than needed for metal. Development of ships and buildings, and specialized research upgrades, require a certain quantity of crystals.

- Deuterium mine

Deuterium is also called heavy hydrogen. It is a stable isotope of hydrogen with a natural abundance in the oceans of colonies of approximately one atom in 6500 of hydrogen (~154 PPM). Deuterium thus accounts for approximately 0.015% (on a weight basis, 0.030%) of all. Deuterium is processed by special synthesizers which can separate the water from the Deuterium using specially designed centrifuges. The upgrade of the synthesizer allows for increasing the amount of Deuterium deposits processed. Deuterium is used when carrying out sensor phalanx scans, viewing galaxies, as fuel for ships, and performing specialized research upgrades.

In order to power these mines you'll need energy, which can come from three different sources:

- Solar plant

Gigantic solar arrays are used to generate power for the mines and the deuterium synthesizer. As the solar plant is upgraded, the surface area of the photovoltaic cells covering the planet increases, resulting in a higher energy output across the power grids of your planet.

- Fusion Reactor (Requires: Deuterium Synthesizer level 5, Energy Technology level 3)

In fusion power plants, hydrogen nuclei are fused into helium nuclei under enormous temperature and pressure, releasing tremendous amounts of energy. For each gram of Deuterium consumed, up to 41,32*10^-13 Joule of energy can be produced; with 1 g you are able to produce 172 MWh energy. Larger reactor complexes use more deuterium and can produce more energy per hour. The energy effect could be increased by researching energy technology. The energy production of the fusion plant is calculated like that:

30 * [Level Fusion Plant] * (1,05 + [Level Energy Technology] * 0,01) ^ [Level Fusion Plant]

- Solar Satellite (Requires Shipyard level 1)

Solar Satellites gather solar energy and transmit it to a ground station using advanced laser technology. The efficiency of a solar satellite depends on the strength of the solar radiation it receives. In principle, energy production in orbits closer to the sun is greater than for planets in orbits distant from the sun. Since the satellites primary goal is the transmission of energy, they lack shielding and weapons capability, and because of this they are usually destroyed in large numbers in a major battle. However they do possess a small self-defense mechanism to defend itself in an espionage mission from an enemy empire if the mission is detected.

Now, I recommend to build buildings like this:

- Solar plant level 1 - Metalmine level 1 - Crystalmine level 1 - Solar plant level 2 - Metalmine level 2 - Crystalmine level 2

Continue this until you have: - Solar plant level 10 - Metalmine level 10 - Crystalmine level 10

Now you need deuterium for Robotics Factory

- Solar plant level 15 - Deuterium level 5

Now you got all the needed kind of ressources for Robotics Factory

- Robotics Factory level 10

Now you will need both to research and build ships

- Research Lab level 5 - Shipyard level 6

Now you need nanite to cut production time:

- Computer technology level 10 (research) - Nanite level 1

Now you need another colony

- Energy technology level 1 (research) - Impulse Drive level 3 (research)

Repeat this on all 20 colonies, don't keep anything lower than 250.

This will get you started, you just have to increase the level of your mines and nanites as much as you can afford.