Alliance of players Edit

In this game an alliance is important. An Alliance is a way to get contact with other players, and maybe even get protection by the better players. In an Alliance you often can trade resourses more easy, and share information about other players(if you are strong enugh you will might be asked to help new players with resourses or attacking the players that attacks the other alliance members). An Alliance can choose to start a war against an other aliance, with will allow to bash(more than 6 attacks a day)

The word alliance has two definitions in Epic Wars.

An official alliance of players, or the alliance of two official alliances with each other.

The Founder is the owner of an alliance. Founders have all rights in the alliance and cannot be kicked from the alliance. To transfer founder status, the Right Hand right is needed by the new owner.

Most alliances have a Forum in which they communicate with each other, posting trade requests or Espionage Reports.

A tag is a short-hand version of an alliance name. It is usually enclosed within square brackets [].

Between two Alliances Edit

When applied between alliances as described above, an alliance refers to the cooperation, or diplomacy, of two or more alliances. Such agreements may include Trade Agreements, military support or other supporting actions.

There is no limit to the number of allies an alliance can have.

Also, note that an alliance is very different from an NAP (Non Aggression Pact).

Note: Downsides to alliances are "wars" can be declared on your alliance, this removes the bashing rules and allows you to be attacked as often as the other players wants